OnePlus 6/6T’s latest OxygenOS 10 Open Betas bring bug fixes and camera improvements

OnePlus 6/6T’s latest OxygenOS 10 Open Betas bring bug fixes and camera improvements

While some devices are just now getting an Android 9 Pie update, OnePlus is pushing out another Android 10-based beta update with its OxygenOS 10 skin or the OnePlus 6/6T. This update brings fixes to some minor bugs along with camera improvements. The update is on top of the October 2019 security patch level.

One of the more important bugs being fixed is a certain tendency of the phones to randomly freeze and reboot (such is sometimes the case with beta OS builds). Another important bug being addressed is an issue with fingerprint identification, along with a fix for animation lag when fingerprints are used to unlock the phones. If you prefer using the 5GHz channel on your WiFi router then you may experience an improved connection to it with this update.


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OxygenOS 10 Changelog

The full changelog for OxygenOS 10 Open Beta 31 (OnePlus 6) and Open Beta 19 (OnePlus 6T) follows:

  • System
    • Fixed the fingerprint identification issue
    • Fixed the animation lag for the fingerprint unlock
    • Fixed the automatic Freeze and Reboot issues
    • Improved system stability and fixed other known issues
  • Camera
    • Improved the performance and General bug fixes
  • WiFi & Internet
    • Fixed the 5GHz WiFi connection

OxygenOS 10 Downloads

Open Beta 31 (OnePlus 6)

If you don’t want to wait for the update to be automatically pushed to your OnePlus 6 you can manually sideload the incremental OTA if you’re already on Open Beta 30.

OnePlus 6 Open Beta 30 -> Open Beta 31 Incremental OTA

If you’re not already on Open Beta 30 you can download the full OTA below.

OnePlus 6 Open Beta 31 Full OTA

Open Beta 19 (OnePlus 6T)

If you’re already on Open Beta 18:

OnePlus 6T Open Beta 18 -> Open Beta 19 Incremental OTA

If you’re not on Open Beta 18:

OnePlus 6T Open Beta 19 Full OTA

Thanks to XDA Senior Member Some_Random_Username for the download links!

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