[Update: Pre-booking available] OnePlus 6T pre-booking appears on Amazon with Type-C Bullets & ₹500 Amazon Pay balance

[Update: Pre-booking available] OnePlus 6T pre-booking appears on Amazon with Type-C Bullets & ₹500 Amazon Pay balance

The page has come back up on Amazon’s website and has more details about the OnePlus 6T launch date.

The OnePlus 6T is on the way, and just like the OnePlus 6, it appears that it will have some special offers in India at launch. The OnePlus 6T was temporarily available via Amazon in India for pre-order, and pre-ordering got you the brand new USB Type-C OnePlus Bullets and ₹500 Amazon Pay balance. The USB Type-C OnePlus Bullets are important because this upcoming flagship will not have a headphone jack. The offer was said to end on October 30th, which is when OnePlus will officially unveil the device.

From the Amazon listing

The pre-order offer has since been pulled, but it’s likely to resurface sometime between now and the official announcement of the OnePlus 6T. We assume the listing was pulled from Amazon India as it was published too early by accident.

The OnePlus 6T will greatly resemble the OnePlus 6, however it will not have a headphone jack. It will be an upgrade in terms of battery life according to the company, who cited that the substantial battery improvement was enough to justify the headphone jack’s removal. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 will also be present, and it will assumedly have the same RAM and storage options available as its predecessor. What’s even better is the inclusion of an in-display fingerprint sensor, which makes OnePlus one of the first OEMs to implement one. Dubbed “Screen Unlock,” it works in tandem with Face Unlock and provides users with a lot of choice in how they can unlock their device. The offer is unavailable at the time of writing this article, but it’s likely to come back soon.

Update: The OnePlus 6T will be available for purchase on November 2nd in India

According to Amazon’s pre-booking page which went live again, you’ll be able to purchase the OnePlus 6T from November 2nd onwards. You can read more about OnePlus’ pre-order offer with Amazon here.

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