The OnePlus 6T may launch on T-Mobile in October

The OnePlus 6T may launch on T-Mobile in October

OnePlus' first US carrier launch

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OnePlus phones are popular among the Android enthusiast community, but most “normal” people don’t know much about the company. That has slowly changed over the years, but OnePlus remains to be fairly unknown in the mass market. According to a new report, that is about to change as the OnePlus 6T will be launching on T-Mobile this Fall.

OnePlus devices have been compatible with US carriers from the start, but there has never been an official US carrier launch. CNET claims T-Mobile will be the exclusive US carrier partner for the OnePlus 6T when it launches in October. There will be a special version of the phone that will be optimized for T-Mobile’s network, including the new 600 MHz band of spectrum. Of course, there will also be the typical unlocked model that works with AT&T and other networks across the globe. Pricing is tentatively set for $550.

OnePlus is currently going through the process of getting “technical approval” at the carrier, which could potentially delay the launch. Android enthusiasts love OnePlus devices for a lot of reasons. There’s a lot to love for the average consumer as well. Getting the OnePlus 6T on store shelves will put it in front of many more eyeballs. That’s something that OnePlus has never been able to do, despite their creative marketing stunts.

We don’t know much about the actual phone at this time. The “T” variant is usually a minor upgrade. Many people have been speculating that the upcoming Oppo R17 is a peek at what the OnePlus 6T will look like. If that happens to be true, T-Mobile customers will be seeing a very attractive device. There is still a lot to learn about this news, but this is a very exciting development.

Source: CNET