OxygenOS updates for the OnePlus 7 and 7T series bring minor fixes and updated security patches

OxygenOS updates for the OnePlus 7 and 7T series bring minor fixes and updated security patches

We first got introduced to the OnePlus 7 series of smartphones two years ago. The OnePlus 7 was merely a refinement of its predecessor, the OnePlus 6T, which wasn’t a bad thing at all: it followed the same “flagship killer” DNA that, until that point, was a key selling point of OnePlus phones. But the OnePlus 7 Pro was OnePlus’ first jab at a “truly premium” flagship and managed to lift the bar much higher for OnePlus. The OnePlus 7 Pro is credited with making high-refresh-rate smartphone displays more common among the general public and provided not-yet-before-seen quality, cameras, and performance for OnePlus. Then, the OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro followed in the footsteps of both devices with substantial improvements, particularly in the OnePlus 7T. Now, these phones are getting an update to OxygenOS after the Android 11 rollout.


Despite what the minor number bump may tell you, this is a pretty modestly-sized update that comes with a lot of targeted bug fixes to make for an overall smoother experience after the arrival of Android 11 to this device series. Among other improvements, these phones are getting their respective May 2021 security updates (just a few days after their predecessors, the OnePlus 6 and the OnePlus 6T, got those patches as well), and OnePlus also mentions bug fixes such as improving the swiping experience of Shelf, improving the loading speed of pictures in the Gallery, as well as other targeted fixes in the Phone app, the camera, and even network fixes as well, including Wi-Fi and 4G stability.

The changelog for this update goes as follows:

  • System
    • Improved the system fluency
    • Fixed the occasional issue that Google Fi SIM card cannot accept incoming calls
    • Updated Android security patch to 2021.05
  • Shelf
    • Improved the swiping experience of Shelf
  • Gallery
    • Improved the loading speed of previewing pictures
  • Phone
    • Fixed the occasional issue that incoming call interface delays to display
    • Fixed the occasionally abnormal display issue when making a call
  • Camera
    • Fixed the occasional issue that the mirror effect fails to work
    • Fixed the abnormal issue with the camera when zooming in macro mode
    • Fixed the abnormal issue with some buttons when taking pictures continuously in Nightscape mode
  • Network
    • Improved 4G network communication
    • Improved the stability of Wi-Fi connection

OnePlus says that this update will have a staged rollout, meaning that some users will be getting it first while it rolls out in waves to the rest of the users. It’s currently live for the OnePlus 7, the OnePlus 7 Pro, the OnePlus 7T, and the OnePlus 7T Pro. If you want to skip the line, however, you can get the update right now by checking out the links below.

You can check out more information about the updates on the respective official forum posts for both the OnePlus 7 series and the OnePlus 7T series.

Thanks to XDA Member Some_Random_Username for the download links!

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