OnePlus accidentally sent notifications to OnePlus 7 Pro owners during Android Q testing

OnePlus accidentally sent notifications to OnePlus 7 Pro owners during Android Q testing

Did you get a pair of seemingly-nonsensical notifications on your OnePlus 7 Pro earlier? If you did, you’re not alone. In what OnePlus has since described in a written statement on their forums as an error during Android Q testing, users were sent two test notifications – one with random text, the other in Chinese which translates to “hahahahah”. While it seems harmless at first glance, users were worried that OnePlus may have been hacked. That thought process is not without precedent, as the company had to investigate alleged credit card fraud which stemmed from its payment portal early last year.

In the company’s statement, OnePlus said that as soon as they noticed the mistake, they “performed a round of in-depth investigations with the related teams to identify the cause”. The cause was later tracked down to the OxygenOS team working on the Android Q update. The push notification was accidentally sent to everyone, rather than internal testing devices. Users who have push notifications from OnePlus switched off (which can be changed in settings) didn’t receive the messages. OnePlus has assured users that there is no danger to user data and that the push notification system is primarily used as a survey tool to get user feedback.

Speaking of Android Q, it will bring lots of new features and improvements. The most recent beta released just a couple of weeks ago, and you can even give it a try on the OnePlus 7 Pro if you’d like. Admittedly, there are quite a few issues at the moment. It is not meant to be used as a daily driver for regular users, but developers in getting their applications prepared for the new version of Android. You can read all about the latest Android Q features in our latest breakdown.

OnePlus finished the statement by saying that they will implement “new processes to ensure this cannot happen again”.

Source: OnePlus

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