OnePlus 7T Pro Development Update: Unbrick Tool, Magisk Installer, and Custom Kernels

OnePlus 7T Pro Development Update: Unbrick Tool, Magisk Installer, and Custom Kernels

Over the last couple of years, OnePlus has established itself as a premium smartphone brand worldwide. The company offers great flagship smartphones at a relatively affordable price point, but that’s not the only reason behind its popularity. The smartphones also offer one of the best software experiences out there and, on top of all that, they’re quite easy to mod. OnePlus has also been receptive to the needs of the developer community, promising timely kernel source releases, among other things. Thanks to this, third-party development for even its latest flagship — the OnePlus 7T Pro — is already on full swing. Here’s everything new that’s currently available for the OnePlus 7T Pro:


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Unbrick tool

Much like older devices from the company, OnePlus’ official unbrick tool has been leaked for the OnePlus 7T Pro, allowing you to restore your device in case you accidentally brick it. The tool can also be used to roll back to a previous version of OxygenOS, which can really come in handy if an update is plagued with critical bugs. The tool is quite easy to use and you can download it on your PC from the link below.

Unbrick tool for OnePlus 7T Pro

Magisk installer

In case you’re planning on rooting your 7T Pro, you’d be glad to know that developers have also released an automated Magisk installer for the device. You can download it from the forum post linked below and follow the instructions in the post to easily install Magisk on your device. Do note that you’ll first have to unlock your device before you can go ahead with the installation.

Magisk installer for OnePlus 7T Pro

blu_spark custom kernel

Once you have Magisk up and running on your 7T Pro, you can also try flashing the blu_spark custom kernel on your device. The kernel features all the goodies available with the kernel on the OnePlus 7/7Pro. It can help you significantly improve your device’s performance and unlock new features like tunable vibration strength, gesture haptic feedback control, and more. Download the blu_spark custom kernel from the forum post linked below.

blu_spark custom kernel for the OnePlus 7T Pro

Along with the aforementioned releases, Franco kernel’s developer Francisco Franco and Arter97 Kernel’s developer arter97 have also received the OnePlus 7T Pro from the company. This means that their custom kernels should be available for the device sometime soon. It’s worth noting that because of changes made in Android 10 for newly launched devices, TWRP custom recovery hasn’t been released for the 7T Pro. It will be a while before the recovery is ported to the device.

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