Get the powerful flagship OnePlus 8 Pro for $200 off at Amazon

Get the powerful flagship OnePlus 8 Pro for $200 off at Amazon

OnePlus is pulling out all of the deal stops this month! Whether it’s Black Friday level discounts or flash deals at the OnePlus store, if you’ve been in the market for a new phone or pair of earbuds, there have been some awesome deals. Today’s great OnePlus deal? At Amazon, you can save $200 on the OnePlus 8 Pro!

In XDA’s super in-depth comparison of the OnePlus 8 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S20+, the 8 Pro was able to stand toe-to-toe with the Samsung flagship, and in some cases, even surpass it. With a great display and camera, it’s hard to deny the value of the 8 Pro… and now that it’s on sale, it’s even better of a choice!


If you’re not fully convinced, maybe our OnePlus 8 Pro review will help. This is one of OnePlus’s flagships that really feels like a quality flagship, instead of feeling like you’re settling with a lower quality phone. And honestly, who wants to settle for less anyway?

All of this, the reviews and comparisons, are working off the assumption that you’ll be paying the full price for the phone. So when saving $200 on this device, it’s even better! The unlocked Onyx Black, 256GB OnePlus 8 Pro is only $800, and it’s hard to deny that is a good deal for a higher-end OnePlus phone. If you have the Amazon Prime Rewards card, you can also pay $44.44 a month for 18 months… that’s how I just got mine, after all! I did say I needed a new phone, and the  8 Pro looks like just the right phone to upgrade to.

    Get yourself a solid flagship without breaking the bank. The black 256GB OnePlus 8 Pro is only $800 on Amazon! If you have the Prime Rewards card, you can also sign up for an 18-month, 0% APR payment plan.

Amazon claims this is a limited time deal. Don’t sit on this one, and get a shiny new OnePlus phone today!

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