OnePlus 8 unbrick tool is now available

OnePlus 8 unbrick tool is now available

OnePlus phones are often considered as the spiritual successors to the Google Nexus lineup, mainly because of their developer-friendly design. The company even offers a hassle-free unbricking method via their customer support channel. The device-specific unbrick package, internally known as ‘MsmDownloadTool’, utilizes Qualcomm’s Emergency Download Mode (EDL). We recently talked about the availability of the unbrick tool for the global and Indian variants of the OnePlus 8 Pro, and now we have our hands on the equivalent package for the regular OnePlus 8 as well.

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Tinkering with your device is not without its risks, and a misstep can lead you to temporarily brick your phone. But, now that the EDL flashing packages for the regional variants of the OnePlus 8 are easily accessible to the community, power users can rescue their phones themselves. It is also possible to switch between the international (IN21AA), European (IN21BA), and the Indian (IN21DA) OxygenOS firmware to unlock region-exclusive features, albeit end users are suggested to take a backup of the ‘persist’ partition before attempting such cross-flashing.

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The current set of MsmDownloadTool for the OnePlus 8 is based on the day 1 update. The OEM is using VMProtect as an obfuscation/anti-debugging measure while building the flasher, thus your antivirus might flag it as a potentially rogue candidate which is a typical case of false-positive detection. OnePlus has also introduced a mandatory login requirement in the recent revisions of the MsmDownloadTool, but you can easily go around that prompt by selecting ‘User type’ as ‘Other’.


One can force their OnePlus 8 unit to boot to EDL mode by shutting down the device and holding down both volume up and volume down buttons while connecting it with their PC. The flasher, which can only be executed under Windows, should automatically detect the phone if proper drivers are installed. The flashing process re-locks the bootloader while wiping the phone, and may take around 5 minutes to complete.

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