OnePlus 8T kernel source code and unbrick tool are now available

OnePlus 8T kernel source code and unbrick tool are now available

The OnePlus 8T was announced on October 14. The smartphone is the mid-cycle refresh to the OnePlus 8. It’s been less than two weeks since the phone went on sale, and already we are seeing OnePlus promoting third-party development for the device by releasing the kernel source code. This comes as no surprise as the OEM has historically been receptive to the needs of the developer community. Moreover, the device-specific unbrick package, commonly referred to as “MsmDownloadTool”, is up for grabs as well.

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Timely kernel source releases allow developers and power users to dive deeper into the code that runs the device, figuring out different ways to tinker with configuration parameters. A properly documented kernel source release is also helpful for the device bring-up process for AOSP-based custom ROMs such as LineageOS as well as for custom recoveries like TWRP, which in turn forms the base for further custom ROM experiences. As the OnePlus 8T (code-name “kebab”) is launched with Android 11-based OxygenOS 11 out of the box, the company has published the kernel source code for this device in the same branch as the OnePlus 8/8 Pro’s Android 11 release, rather than under its own branch. You can find the actual commit in the kernel source code tree by clicking below.


OnePlus 8T Kernel Sources

Talking about the unbrick tool, it is a low-level flashing utility that can revive individual bricked OnePlus devices. The flasher utilizes Qualcomm’s Emergency Download Mode (EDL), which means you can restore your device even when you don’t have access to the Fastboot interface. The tool can also be used to rollback the user’s phone to a previous release of OxygenOS. It should work with the Chinese, Indian, European, and North American unlocked variants of the phone.

Unbrick tool for OnePlus 8T

If you’ve picked up the T-Mobile variant, though, you need a different unbrick package. Functionally, it is identical to the unbrick tool for the international variants of the phone.

Unbrick tool for OnePlus 8T (T-Mobile Variant)

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