Someone just sold a OnePlus 9 5G prototype for $6,000

Someone just sold a OnePlus 9 5G prototype for $6,000

A few days ago, an eBay listing went up for an alleged OnePlus 9 5G prototype. As expected, that listing was promptly removed, because the listing included identifying information. But a new listing was then published without said identifying information, and the prototype has apparently sold for $6,000.

We’re not surprised the OnePlus 9 5G is already in the wild. Over the past few weeks, we’ve actually seen the device appear more than once, with live images showing off the design. But we’re absolutely shocked that the device was put up for sale—and that someone bought it for $6,000. Who would pay such a lofty sum for a device that’s not even available? The buyer remains a mystery for now. (Maybe it’s actually Pete Lau hoping to catch the device before it hits the hands of any YouTubers!)


The first listing for $3,000 was pulled from eBay because it featured identifying information, but the same device has seemingly sold after a relisting. The listing said the device was unlocked and could work on all GSM carriers, though it seems this particular model was being used on T-Mobile.

According to recent reports, the OnePlus 9 5G will feature a flat 6.5-inch hole-punch display and a dual-camera setup. The device is also expected to feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 chip, 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and a 4,500 mAh battery. The device is said to launch with Android 11 and all the latest enhancements in OxygenOS 11.

With a new year approaching, it probably won’t be much longer before we see the OnePlus 9 5G officially announced. With seemingly completed prototypes already out in the wild—and in the hands of at least one person—perhaps that’s an indication we’ll see something early next year, maybe at the beginning of spring.

OnePlus released the OnePlus 8 in April of this year, so maybe we’ll see the OnePlus 9 5G around then. However, a recent report said OnePlus could launch its new flagship earlier than expected in 2021, so perhaps we’re a matter of weeks from seeing something official. We’re also expecting to see a OnePlus 9 “Lite” model drop, though we don’t know if it’ll debut alongside the other devices in the series or if OnePlus is holding onto it for a separate launch.

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