OnePlus and Amazon India are reportedly working on a trade-in program

OnePlus and Amazon India are reportedly working on a trade-in program

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OnePlus is growing fast. With a recent launch in the US through T-Mobile and a stronger-than-ever partnership with Amazon India, the company is nothing like what it used to be back when it launched the OnePlus One. Soon they won’t just be a smartphone and smartphone peripherals company, as they even bizarrely announced a OnePlus-branded TV to be launched in 2019. In an interview with India Today, the company spoke at length about their upcoming TV, though the majority of information we already knew. What’s more interesting is something else that was mentioned in passing. Apparently, OnePlus and Amazon India are working to create a trade-in program so users can upgrade their smartphone at a more affordable price.

There is no timeline available for when the trade-in program will be unveiled, but it will allow shoppers to upgrade to the latest OnePlus smartphone with ease. It would likely work in a similar way to the current trade-in offer available, where you send in your device and get credit towards buying your next smartphone from them. Working with Amazon India, it’s likely that you’ll just send your device to them instead. It’s a shame, but it appears that you won’t be able to trade-in just any flagship smartphone, unlike the T-Mobile deal last month.

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The India Today article mentions the OnePlus 6T in particular, but it’s unclear whether they mean this as an example of a recent device from the company or if the company intends to first offer the trade-in program with it. A OnePlus 6T McLaren edition is coming soon, so it’s possible that we could even see the trade-in program first offered up with its release. Still, it’s coming at some point, and if we don’t see it with the OnePlus 6T then we’ll more than likely see it with the OnePlus 7. With their prices slowly creeping up in recent years with each iteration, fans of the company will rejoice at the possibility of getting their smartphones for less.

Source: India Today