OnePlus phones will get a theme store with the Android 12 update

OnePlus phones will get a theme store with the Android 12 update

When OnePlus releases Android 12, the company will add a feature it said is “highly requested:” a theme store. By including a Theme Store in OxygenOS, OnePlus owners will have the opportunity to easily customize the look and feel of their device.

OnePlus announced the news in a forum post on Thursday, saying it plans to hold another online Open Ears Forum on May 18 to discuss the upcoming feature.

“Our wishes of having offline OEF have to be postponed until it’s 100% secure outside,” OnePlus said. “While waiting for that day to come, we’re bringing back the online OEF with a brand new topic — Theme Store. This may not be an unfamiliar topic for you, as you might have tried some custom themes or wallpapers downloaded from other theme stores before. In fact, this is a highly-requested feature.”


The upcoming OEF will take place on May 18 and feature four OnePlus staff members. OnePlus said it will accept applications to participate beginning today until May 12, and will choose 15 global users who can provide feedback about the theme store. Here are the full event details:

  • Event time: May 18, 20:00 – 22:00 HKT (17:30 – 19:30 IST, 14:00 – 16:00 CEST, 8:00 – 10:00 EST)
  • Application time: May 6 – May 12
  • Staff members: @Zed Z. @Zoey Z. @Flora L. @Mio L.
  • Users: 15 global users

“We want to discuss it with some of our users, to hear your feedback about this upcoming feature with you, and to get your insights about it,” OnePlus said. “If you’re interested in themes and wallpaper customizations, join us, and let’s co-create a perfect Theme Store for OnePlus.”

Many replies to the news seem excited about the prospect of a theme store coming to OnePlus devices. “A step forward in the right direction,” one reply said. “Looking forward to experiencing the theme store,” said another reply.

It’s unclear when OnePlus will bring Android 12 to its lineup of devices, but Google has already announced plans to release the software at the end of summer, so hopefully we’ll see something before the new year.

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