OnePlus Announces $50 Discount On OnePlus One

OnePlus Announces $50 Discount On OnePlus One

OnePlus had promised a “change” on June 1st in their attempts to “shake up the industry”. Many expected the announcement to be for the OnePlus 2, but Carl Pei later informed that the device is still on schedule for its Q3 2015 release and the announcement was for something else.

The date is upon us, and so is the announcement. As it turns out, the big announcement is that the OnePlus One is now available for a $50 discount across both the storage variants from June 1 to June 7, bringing the price of the 64GB Sandstone Black version to $299 and the 16GB Silk White version to $249.

There are a few caveats though. This offer is valid only on new purchases made through, which excludes users from India and Southeast Asia. To add to that, these sales will be conducted as a sort of Flash Sales, with different schedules for different days.

Daily Sale Schedule:
June 1 – 12:00 GMT (8 am EST)
June 2 – 2:00 GMT (10 pm EST -1 day)
June 3 – 12:00 GMT (8 am EST)
June 4 – 2:00 GMT (10 pm EST -1 day)
June 5 – 12:00 GMT (8 am EST)
June 6 – 2:00 GMT (10 pm EST -1 day)
June 7 – 12:00 GMT (8 am EST)

The discounted price is only valid until stock lasts, with very limited quantity available. For users in India and Southeast Asia which rely on other external sources for purchase, OnePlus has promised local country-specific offers soon.

If you are in the market for a decent device at a great price, this is a very good offer if you can live with the product.


What do you make of OnePlus’ latest discounting offers? Does their experimentation with flash sales model of marketing give signals for similar adoption for the OnePlus 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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