OnePlus Announces a 4th Update Channel for OxygenOS, the MP Early Access Program

OnePlus Announces a 4th Update Channel for OxygenOS, the MP Early Access Program

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Since the OnePlus 3 was released, OnePlus has really started to expand the way they handle their OxygenOS updates. Previously, the company only had 2 channels for their software updates and that consisted of the Closed Beta channel and the Official Release builds (which went out as OTA updates). OnePlus then started to do Community Builds for their upcoming updates to OxygenOS, which required the owner of the phone to manually flash the update when coming from the Official Release channel.

Then in October, OnePlus announced they were renaming this 3rd update channel from Community Builds to the Open Beta program. Many saw this change as good for the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T owners as it got the update into the hands of more people. This meant that more bugs in the early stages could be pointed out and hopefully fixed before the update was pushed to the official OTA update channel. There are still some vulnerabilities that slip through these cracks, but for the most part it has done well for OnePlus.

This week, OnePlus has added a fourth update channel to this process and they’re calling it the MP Early Access Program. Only 150 people will be allowed into this new update channel and OnePlus is treating it like their Closed Beta updates. So for you to qualify, you will need to sign an NDA and you’ll need to use the Slack messaging platform so you can talk about your experience to the team. This new update channel will fit in right before the official OTA updates are sent out.

So the lucky ones who are chosen will be testing out the updates that are about to go live. OnePlus has other requirements for the MP Early Access Program though. You have to own either the OnePlus 3 or the OnePlus 3T, you must be located in the US, EU, or India and have had some kind of testing experience in the past. They also want people allowed into this new update channel to be moderate to heavy daily users as well, and you’ll need to be willing to constantly communicate with the OnePlus team in Slack.

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