OnePlus announces new India-specific features to OxygenOS including smart SMS, cloud storage, and more

OnePlus announces new India-specific features to OxygenOS including smart SMS, cloud storage, and more

OnePlus has grown from being an online-only, enthusiast-oriented brand to a more global brand encompassing a wider range of users. This has been reflected by the launch of devices like the OnePlus 7 Pro, which competes directly with flagship smartphones from other brands while still costing less than its direct flagship competitors. The transition from an affordable flagship to a premium-tier smartphone brand has made OnePlus pretty popular in price-conscious markets like India. In fact, OnePlus is actually ahead of both Samsung and Apple in the Indian premium smartphone marketplace. So decidedly, OnePlus puts a lot of focus into this market. Now, this focus will be brought up a notch as the company is introducing new features to OxygenOS with the Indian userbase in mind.


OxygenOS smarter SMS app
Some of these features include a smarter OxygenOS SMS app, which can now automatically sort all your messages and categorize them accordingly, with different categories such as banking notifications, promotional spam, and verification codes to try to avoid your SMS inbox from becoming a disorganized mess. It can also automatically parse certain messages, such as tickets and bills, and show them in a more easily-readable format.

Additionally, there are also features such as OnePlus Roaming—which is an international, SIM-free data service that has been previously announced to come to OxygenOS—and something the company calls “Work-Life Balance”, which will allow you to sort notifications between work and personal categories, automating them with your location and other factors so you don’t get bothered by work notifications while relaxing and vice versa.

The Gallery app is also getting a major revamp, inspired by Google Photos. The app is getting a cloud storage feature that will allow you to backup your pics and precious memories in the cloud, and automatically sort them by factors such as face recognition, time, and location. Other smaller features coming to OxygenOS include cricket results being displayed on OnePlus’ Shelf feature, which may not seem too big but it’s sure going to be popular with the massive following of this sport. The company didn’t disclose when these features would be rolling out to OxygenOS, but expect them to roll out with OxygenOS 10 in the following months.

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