AOD DoubleTap Mod enables double tap to wake the Ambient Display on OnePlus phones

AOD DoubleTap Mod enables double tap to wake the Ambient Display on OnePlus phones

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Over the past years, Always On Display features have gained popularity with several OEMs as one of the alternative solutions to deliver the functionality that notification LEDs would have otherwise delivered. On OnePlus devices, however, there is no Always On Display feature. Instead, the OEM prefers to use its own implementation that comes in the form of Ambient Display. Ambient Display lights up when you get new notifications or when you tap the screen, but offers very limited functionality. OnePlus AOD DoubleTap Mod aims to fix some of the annoyance from the lack of functionality by offering an easier and quicker transition to the lockscreen.

Ambient Display on OnePlus smartphones only provides a glimpse of your notifications by display the icon of the notifying app. If you wish to undertake any action beyond this glimpse, you have to transition away from the Ambient Display. This is done by either pressing the power button or by unlocking the phone using the fingerprint sensor. Since newer OnePlus smartphones come with in-display fingerprint sensors, this transition is not too much of an issue. However, some users would still prefer a method to invoke the lockscreen that is consistent with what you can expect from other OEMs. On other OEM phones, you can simply tap or double-tap the Ambient Display to transition to the lock screen.

OnePlus AOD DoubleTap Mod by XDA Member XJIOP brings back this consistency by allowing users to double-tap on the Ambient Display screen to transition to the lock screen. From the lock screen, you can view the notification text and remove the notification with a swipe without needing to unlock the screen. The app installs normally and does not need root to function as it enables its functionality through accessibility settings. The app has been tested on the OnePlus 7T, but should work on all OnePlus devices after the OnePlus 6, and also possibly on other devices with AMOLED display. If you are interested, you can also check out the source code of the app.

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