OnePlus launches OnePlus Assured Upgrade program in India for new OnePlus 6T purchases

OnePlus launches OnePlus Assured Upgrade program in India for new OnePlus 6T purchases

OnePlus is riding on the popularity-high in the premium segment in India, as buyers in India now find OnePlus flagships to be a better purchase, thanks in part to the ever-rising prices of Apple’s iPhone in the country. OnePlus is now looking to capitalize on frequent purchasers by launching the OnePlus Assured Upgrade program in the country.

From January 19, 2019 onwards, buyers of the OnePlus 6T can pay a small price of ₹199 ($2.8) to get a guaranteed buyback value on their device when they go on to purchase a newer OnePlus device. This buyback value will depend on how long it has been since the original purchase. If you upgrade to a newer device within 3-5 months, you get 70% of your original purchase value as a discount towards your new purchase. Similarly, you get 55% and 40% of the purchase value as a discount if you make a new purchase within 6-8 months and 9-12 months respectively.

Let’s say you bought the OnePlus 6T 6GB variant for ₹37,999 from one of the eligible OnePlus stores. You can come back between 3 to 5 months to get ₹26,599 back with your upgrade. Similarly get, ₹20,899 when you exchange between 6 to 8 months and ₹15,199 between 9 to 12 months, subject to Terms and Conditions.

The OnePlus Assured Upgrade can be availed on and through the listed OnePlus Experience and Authorized stores in India, but only during the Republic Day sales which will happen from January 19 through January 27. OnePlus has not disclosed if the Assured Upgrade program will be available for purchases beyond January 27. They have, however, clarified that this is applicable for future purchases only and not available for buyers who have already purchased the OnePlus 6/6T.

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The Terms and Conditions attached to’s exchange program mention a few points worth noting. As expected, to avail the guaranteed exchange value, you would need to return the original box, charger and accessories along with the smartphone, which is standard practice. The device, accessories and the box should also be in good condition with no damage. Interestingly, the operating system of the smartphone should also not be rooted or modified — which is something that would need clarification from OnePlus as OnePlus does not void the warranty through bootloader unlocks.’s exchange program is also across brands as long as it is on (so you aren’t tied to a single smartphone brand for your next purchase), so that is something that also requires clarification. We recommend buyers read the complete terms and conditions before enrolling in the program.

Source: OnePlus Forums

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