OnePlus will still let you unlock the bootloader of its new phones

OnePlus will still let you unlock the bootloader of its new phones

OnePlus today announced the merger of OxygenOS and ColorOS into a unified Global OS, following the merger of HydrogenOS into ColorOS in China as well as the recent codebase integration of OxygenOS with ColorOS. While the company has not yet shared the name of what this new OS will be called, it has made a key announcement of interest to the custom ROM community: OnePlus will continue to offer bootloader unlocking on its new phones.

New OnePlus devices like the OnePlus Nord 2 are running on OxygenOS that sits atop a ColorOS base. This OxygenOS release feels a lot like a skin over the ColorOS experience, and that’s not a bad thing. However, many in the community had their doubts about what the ever-increasing influence of ColorOS meant for the future of the software on OnePlus devices. In today’s announcement, OnePlus laid the foundation stones for the unified OS that will be running on OnePlus and OPPO devices globally.


By combining our software resources to focus on one unified and upgraded operating system for both OnePlus and OPPO devices globally, we will combine the strengths from both into one even more powerful OS: the fast and smooth, burdenless experience of OxygenOS, and the stability and rich features of ColorOS.

If you’ve been following OnePlus and OPPO’s trajectory over the recent months, none of this comes as an actual surprise. The next question that naturally follows this unification of OS is whether the bootloaders on OnePlus devices will remain unlockable or not. After all, OPPO devices cannot be bootloader unlocked at all, and this unification of platforms indicates a possibility that this decision could also spill over onto OnePlus devices.

OnePlus has allayed these fears and reassured that future OnePlus devices that ship with the unified OS will continue to support bootloader unlocking.

OnePlus devices will continue to support unlocked bootloaders as always. The bootloader unlocking process remain[s] the same as before.

The integrated/unified OS will make its appearance on the OnePlus flagship series in 2022, which we presume will be called the OnePlus 10 series. The integration of the OS will be fully completed with the next major Android update to existing devices (i.e. Android 12) in 2022. OnePlus will share more details about its update timelines closer to those events, but for now, expect the OnePlus 10 series of devices to continue to support bootloader unlocking.

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