[Update 2: Warp Charge] Truly wireless OnePlus Buds will be unveiled on July 21st

[Update 2: Warp Charge] Truly wireless OnePlus Buds will be unveiled on July 21st

Update 2 (7/16/20 @ 9:45 AM ET): The OnePlus Buds’ Project Manager has revealed the earbuds will have Warp Charge technology.

Update 1 (7/14/20 @ 2:00 PM ET): OnePlus CEO Pete Lau wrote a blog post with more information about the OnePlus Buds, including a design teaser.

It’s been a while since we last talked about OnePlus’s upcoming truly wireless earbuds. The last rumor was back in May and it pegged the unnamed earbuds for a July launch. Today, the company has confirmed the announcement date and the “OnePlus Buds” name.

OnePlus sent out a tweet this morning to confirm the “OnePlus Buds” name for its first truly wireless earbuds. Previously, it was speculated that they would fall under the “Bullets” branding. Along with the name confirmation, OnePlus also gave us a firm announcement date: July 21st. That means they will be shown off alongside the OnePlus Nord.


OnePlus has released a couple of versions of its Bullets-branded wireless earphones. All three generations have had the same design: earbuds connected with a wire that drapes behind your neck. They’re “wireless” in the sense that nothing is physically connected to your phone. The OnePlus Buds, however, have no wires and a design more closely related to Apple Airpods.

The OnePlus Nord won’t be available in all markets, but we’ll likely see the OnePlus Buds get a wider release. Truly wireless earbuds are a very hot product category right now and it makes sense for OnePlus to jump onboard. We’ll have to wait and see if they bring anything unique to the table.

Update 1: Design & Specs

OnePlus CEO Carl Pei wrote a blog post about the OnePlus Buds and shared some new information. The blog post gives us our first look at the design of the TWS earbuds. It’s a very dark, mysterious image, but, thankfully, Carl Pei wore the earbuds in his interview with MKBHD. The design is like a cross between OnePlus’s Bullets Wireless earphones and the Apple AirPods. The render shows the buds in black but Pei is shown wearing a teal model that matches the new Nord smartphone.

Besides the design, Lau also talks about some of the features. The OnePlus Buds can last up to 7 hours on their own and the charging case adds an additional 3 full charges. The Buds weighs 4.6g and the case is 36g. We’ll learn everything about these earbuds on July 21st.

Source: OnePlus

Update 2: Warp Charge

In typical OnePlus fashion, the company has been slowly sharing features of an upcoming product. In this case, it’s the truly wireless OnePlus Buds. In an interview, OnePlus Buds’ Project Manager, Jay Liu, said that the Buds charging case will feature the company’s Warp Charge technology. The case will be able to go from 0% to 10 hours of charge in 10 minutes. This fast charging will work with any charger greater than 10w, no proprietary cable needed. The OnePlus Buds will cap charging at 5v 1.5A to avoid damage to the 430mA battery inside the case.

Source: TechRadar

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