OnePlus announces the updated Bullets Wireless Z headphones for $49.95

OnePlus announces the updated Bullets Wireless Z headphones for $49.95

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OnePlus just got done officially announcing the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro (we have full reviews of both). The company also used the online event as an opportunity to announce the new Bullets Wireless Z earphones. These are OnePlus’ latest Bluetooth earphones offering, and they finally bring an IP rating to the family.

OnePlus last launched Bluetooth headphones in May of 2019 with the Bullets Wireless 2. Like the company’s previous Bluetooth earphones, the Bullets Wireless Z earbuds are connected by a short cable. The part of the cable that goes behind your neck is wide and flat, which makes it less likely to tangle. There is a small control module on the left side. Like previous generations, the earbuds have magnets that allow them to snap to each other when not in your ear.

The big upgrade over the Bullets Wireless 2 is the IP rating. The Bullets Wireless Z has an IP55 rating, meaning they should be able to handle light rain and sweat. This is a pretty important feature for anyone who works out with music.

Charging the Bullets Wireless 2 is done through its USB-C port, and you only need a 10-minute charge to get 10 hours of playback time (provided you use the original cable and adapter). A full charge will get you 20 hours of playback, an upgrade from the Wireless 2’s 14 hours. The Wireless Z will be available in Black, Blue, Mint, and Oat color options sometime “soon.” As mentioned in the headline, they will cost $49.95, which is a pretty solid price. Truly wireless earbuds seem to be more popular, but there are still advantages to having the earbuds connected by a cable.

Source: OnePlus Store