OnePlus Care offers free 1 Year Extended Warranty, Upgrade Plans, and more for users in India

OnePlus Care offers free 1 Year Extended Warranty, Upgrade Plans, and more for users in India

Over the last couple of years, OnePlus has solidified its position in India as a premium smartphone manufacturer. Ever since the launch of the OnePlus 3, the company has steadily expanded its fan base in the country, delivering one amazing smartphone after another. OnePlus has also introduced a few India-specific features in OxygenOS to appeal to its Indian fans. And now, with the launch of the OnePlus Care program, the company aims to give back to its community. The new OnePlus Care program offers a total of three benefits for OnePlus users, including a free 1-year extended warranty, 50% off battery replacement, and an attractive upgrade plan.


The free 1-year extended warranty is available for current users with a OnePlus 6T or newer device, which are still under the original manufacturer warranty period. To avail of the extended warranty, eligible users will have to download the OnePlus Care app and verify their phone’s IMEI number. Once verified, the additional warranty period will be immediately added for the device. Thanks to this, OnePlus users stand to benefit up to ₹1,599. Check out the table below to see how much money you’ll save with the new OnePlus Care program.

OnePlus Care Extended Warranty

While older devices from the company aren’t eligible for the free extended warranty, they do get a flat 50% discount on battery replacement. Users with a OnePlus 3 or newer can make a booking on the OnePlus Care app to avail of the discount. Users can either choose to visit a nearby OnePlus store for the replacement or opt-in for the pick-up and drop service offered by the company. Do note that in case you don’t make a prior booking on the OnePlus Care app you’ll have to pay the full amount for the battery replacement.

OnePlus Care Battery Replacement

Finally, there’s the upgrade plan which aims to reward users by offering them a competitive price for their older device, along with an additional offer on the new one. This benefit can only be availed on the OnePlus Care app and you’ll need to diagnose your old device before going ahead with the upgrade. The upgrade plan is applicable for all OnePlus devices going back to the OnePlus One and users can save up to ₹32,200 on the purchase of a new OnePlus device. Earlier this year, the company launched a similar upgrade plan for new OnePlus 6T purchases, offering guaranteed buyback value to users. However, the current plan doesn’t require users to pay anything to reap the buyback benefits. Check out the trade-in value for all OnePlus models in the table below.

OnePlus Care Upgrade Plan

It’s worth noting that the trade-in value for legacy devices, including the OnePlus One, OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X, will vary depending on whether you have a OnePlus account or not. Since registering for an account is absolutely free, it would be wise to create one before going ahead with the trade-in. Here are the trade-in values for such cases:

OnePlus Care Trade-In Details

OnePlus has clarified that users who wish to avail of these benefits will need to register their devices on the OnePlus Care app. Following that, they’ll be able to avail of the extended warranty and battery replacement offers from the OnePlus website, but the upgrade plan will only be available on the app.

Download the OnePlus Care App

Source: OnePlus

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