[Update: 27,333 saplings planted] OnePlus is celebrating 1500 days of OxygenOS by planting a tree for every #OxygenOS tweet

[Update: 27,333 saplings planted] OnePlus is celebrating 1500 days of OxygenOS by planting a tree for every #OxygenOS tweet

Update 1 (09/15/2020 @ 08:57 AM ET): OnePlus has shared that it has planted 27,333 saplings, keeping to its promise. Scroll to the bottom for more information. The article as published on September 13, 2019, is preserved below.

OnePlus is known for its stellar flagships. Every year, at least one of OnePlus’s smartphones turns up as a contender for the best performing flagship. While fair credit goes to the flagship SoC and other flagship-grade components inside the smartphone, due credit also needs to go to OnePlus‘s OxygenOS UX skin. To commemorate 1500 days of OxygenOS, OnePlus will be planting a tree for every tweet with the hashtag #OxygenOS.

OxygenOS adopts a different approach to the custom Android experience than skins we had seen prior to its birth. Back then, Google’s Android was considered as one of the cleanest approaches of shipping Android on a device, short of simply shipping AOSP. OEM skins back then would take AOSP as their base and add so many customizations and features to it, one could barely even recognize the resultant interface as Android. On the other hand, OxygenOS attempted to optimize AOSP to make it faster and smoother on its handful of supported devices. OnePlus was also quite selective of the features that would make their way onto the UX, so instead of a “feature flood”, you get a smaller selection of thoughtful features. The resultant OxygenOS, as we see it now, is one of the better approaches to Android without going to extreme minimalism or extreme feature overload.

OxygenOS, obviously, draws inspiration from Oxygen, an element we absolutely cannot do without. On the occasion of completing 1500 days of OxygenOS, OnePlus is partnering with WWF India and their Adopt a Tree campaign and planting a tree for every tweet with #OxygenOS. You as a reader can participate by simply composing a tweet with the #OxygenOS tag and tweeting it out today, i.e. September 13, 2019. On September 14, 2019, OnePlus will count the number of tweets (and NOT retweets) with #OxygenOS and plant a tree for every tweet. The tree plantation process will happen in phases, but we hope OnePlus maintains transparency in the process.

Source: OnePlus Forums

Update: OnePlus plants 27,333 saplings in response to its campaign

A year later, OnePlus has shared an update on its promise. According to the update post on the forum, the campaign received 27,332 tweets within the mentioned period, and the company has gone ahead and planted as many (plus one) saplings cumulatively across a few locations in India.

The sapling species planted is native to the regions where it is planted. We commend OnePlus on following through with its promise.

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