OnePlus Announces They’re Working with DxO Labs to Improve the Camera of the OnePlus 5

OnePlus Announces They’re Working with DxO Labs to Improve the Camera of the OnePlus 5

Many people look at DxOMark and think they’re just a collection of people who test and judge consumer and professional cameras for a website. The website is actually owned by a company called DxO Labs and they’re based in Boulogne-Billancourt, France. At the heart of the company, they focus on image processing software and consult with other companies to help them improve the image quality of their cameras sensors.

They produce a number of software products such as DxO OpticsPro, DxO ViewPoint, DxO FilmPack, DxO Analyzer, and even have a phone-connected camera called the DxO ONE. You can learn more about them and their products on the Wikipedia page, but it’s important to know that they do more than just maintain a camera review website. It was just revealed that the HTC U11 toppled the Pixel in their camera tests and now OnePlus is partnering with them to enhance the camera image quality of the OnePlus 5.

OnePlus and cameras may be a sore spot to many of us enthusiasts. They have previously said they wanted to find ways to improve the camera quality of custom ROMs and yet still haven’t produced anything new for community developers to use. Still, they feel camera quality is important going forward and that is what sparked this partnership with DxO Labs. OnePlus feels this partnership will be a quick way to take their cameras to the next level.

Sadly, they didn’t reveal any details about what the two companies are working on, or how things are improving with the OnePlus 5. We’re just told that OnePlus and DxO Labs have teamed up so we’ll have to wait and see how much the OnePlus 5 improves things in the camera department when compared to the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T. Currently, the only smartphone from OnePlus on DxOMark’s leaderboard is the OnePlus 2. It ties with the Sony Xperia Z1 and the iPhone 5S with an overall score of 76. While none of this guarantees that the OnePlus 5 will be an exceptional shooter (though it probably means it’ll get a high DxOMark score, whatever that actually means), it’s reassuring to see the company put an extra bit of effort into camera quality.

Do YOU trust DxOMark scores, or do they really not mean much in your opinion? Discuss in the comments!

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