OnePlus is finally making a dedicated OnePlus Buds app for third-party phones

OnePlus is finally making a dedicated OnePlus Buds app for third-party phones

OnePlus recently made its first fully wireless earbuds, called the OnePlus Buds. We’ve reviewed them, and they’re amazing for the price. But of course, being a OnePlus product (even though U.S. customs think they’re Apple knockoffs), the company expects you to use them with OnePlus smartphones. This doesn’t mean that they don’t work with other phones, you can use them, but certain features such as customizing the double-tap gestures need the OnePlus Buds app, which requires you to have the OnePlus 6 or newer running OxygenOS. OnePlus is, however, making an app so that users with older OnePlus devices as well as phones from other manufacturers can use the Buds in their full glory.


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This was confirmed during a Q&A in Chinese (via: PiunikaWeb), which discussed user suggestions and also talked about features and bug fixes for HydrogenOS.

Q: Can Buds be used with phones other than OnePlus or phones before OnePlus 6. Can you customize the double-tap touch function and upgrade the headset firmware?

A: We will launch a dedicated APP for managing OnePlus audio accessories in the future, which can support three-party Android phones with Android 6.0 and above, as well as OnePlus 3 / 3T / 5 / 5T, to realize the customization of OnePlus Buds double-tap touch function, and Headphone firmware upgrade. Stay tuned!

This app will handle the Buds’ double-tap function on third-party devices, and will also be able to serve firmware updates for them. So when the app is out, you shouldn’t be able to miss any part of the experience. From the looks of it, it could be a different app from the current OnePlus Buds app, which, as we said before, only works on OxygenOS and actually integrates into the OxygenOS settings. Right now, though, the company did not confirm any details or timeline on availability, so all that’s left now is to wait.

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