OnePlus Gallery 3.7.19 now lets you sort photos by when they were added

OnePlus Gallery 3.7.19 now lets you sort photos by when they were added

Each OEM has their own take on their photo saving and picture-backup experience. Some have a simple, old-fashioned gallery app that displays pictures saved on your device and not much more. Then, we have devices that ship only with Google Photos, Google’s own alternative which includes cloud saving and a number of AI features complementing the whole experience. The OnePlus Gallery app, far from being barebones, includes a number of features which is further going to be expanded in some markets at least.

Now, it will include yet another new feature: sorting photos by added/import date. This seems like a surprisingly minor feature, but previously, the app would only allow you to sort images by their capture/creation date: this meant that some images, particularly those downloaded online, could end up buried in your gallery since they were created much earlier than most of your other images in your gallery app. Allowing users to sort images by the date and time they were added in your gallery should keep much of this hassle at bay.



This update, which goes by the number 3.7.19, is now rolling out through the Google Play Store as an update to the current OnePlus Gallery app, so if your OnePlus device has the latest version of OxygenOS and OnePlus Gallery, you should be receiving it on your device very soon. If for some reason, it doesn’t appear on your device, then the latest version should come to your device whenever it receives a new OxygenOS update.

OnePlus Gallery
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As we said before, this update should be plenty useful to solve this minor, yet considerable, inconvenience we all have faced at least once.

Thanks to XDA Senior Member Some_Random_Username for the tip!

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