OnePlus Holds Competition For Experiencing OnePlus 2

OnePlus Holds Competition For Experiencing OnePlus 2

OnePlus is prepping itself up for the eventual launch of the OnePlus 2, and it’s back to using the power of crowd marketing to build up hype for its yet-to-be-launched flagship.

This time, the company is holding contests to give users a chance to experience the OnePlus 2 with an all expense paid trip to OnePlus HQ in Hong Kong for 3 lucky winners. Along with this, the winners will get a chance to “play a pivotal role in a secret project” that is planned for the OnePlus 2 launch. Knowing the company, we can only take wild guesses to what this could be as they often end up with rather out-of-the-box ideas.

Coming to the contests, there are two of them, one for photo aficionados and one for video enthusiasts.

Photo Mania 2015



This contest will select only one winner. To compete, users have to send an unedited and no-filter photo taken on the OnePlus One and post them on Instagram through a public account. Entrants also need to tag @oneplustech in the photo and give details for the shot in the caption, along with submitting their entry through this form. 10 finalists will be chosen on the basis of Instagram “Likes” that the photo gets and the technical ability involved. The final winner will be chosen by votes from the community. Additional rules for this contest can be found here.

Your OnePlus Story


This contest will select two winners. To compete, users will have to create an original video of atleast 1080p quality in landscape format using their OnePlus One, with preferred quality being the full 4k quality the OnePlus One is capable of. The video should revolve around the user and OnePlus, and could range from what they love about the OnePlus One to what they look forward to in the OnePlus 2. All entries have to submitted by uploading to cloud storage and submitting via this form, with judgement being passed on the basis of quality, production and originality of content. For the winners, one will be selected via a judge panel in OnePlus HQ while the other will be chosen via the community. Eight other runner ups will also receive OnePlus gift bags in lieu of having their videos featured in an upcoming OnePlus 2 project. Additional rules for the contest can be found here.

Both of these contests end on June 15, 2015. The winners will have to be eligible for travel to Hong Kong on or before June 28, 2015, so we can expect some more info of the upcoming phone to be revealed around that period.

One thing that we like about OnePlus is they focus a lot on the community, whether it be involving them for future launches or harnessing them for producing promotional material and marketing through Instagram popularity. With the company claiming to have improved their customer service from previous times, OnePlus is going on the right track towards a successful second product. But will it be worthy of being a successor to the One? Or will the company still end up repeating previous mistakes? Only time can tell this One tale.

What do you think of OnePlus’ latest marketing technique? Will the OnePlus 2 build enough hype for its release? And more importantly, will it be able to deliver? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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