What Can or Should OnePlus Improve For Their Next Device?

What Can or Should OnePlus Improve For Their Next Device?

The OnePlus 3T is the most popular device on the XDA forums at the moment and for good reason — with exceptional dev support and impressive specs the device meets many of our needs/wants but it is still far from perfect. Join us as we look at some of the features we feel OnePlus should add in their next iteration, and head to the comments to have your feature requests heard!

Here’s our wishlist:

Good Vibrations

Perhaps the most immediately noticeable grievance when using the OnePlus 3T is the rather lackluster vibration and it is most apparent to those of us who prefer haptic feedback when we type. Despite that it’s possible to increase its intensity, it remains subpar by comparison to many flagship devices. This may seem like a minor complaint but it is quite often the finer details that make the difference between a good phone and a great phone (and that make a good phone feel a lot more expensive than it is, something OnePlus arguably tries to accomplish)

Weak vibrations have been a long-standing issue with OnePlus devices with some users going as far as to disable it entirely. My research for this article lead me to an incredibly interesting thread in the forums with a comparison between the OnePlus One’s motor and several other popular devices. hopefully, for the next OnePlus device we will see a higher quality motor and a nicer experience along with it.

QHD Display

OnePlus have settled with 1080p displays since the days of the One, but with VR becoming ever more popular it is time for them to step up their game. Especially if they want to keep launching their new smartphones in Virtual Reality… Whilst the Android 7.1 Compatibility Definition Document states that to be VR ready a device must be at least FullHD (1080p) it strongly recommends that it be a QuadHD (1440p) or greater. With a battery capacity to support the increased resolution, a QHD AMOLED display would certainly remove one more hurdle between the OEM achieving the perfect phone. Rumors so far point towards a smaller battery, but we strongly hope that isn’t the case.

Water Resistance

A feature that would be nice to have is water resistance, although it could incur significant additional costs. Several OEMs such as LG, Samsung, and Sony are now offering water resistant devices and OnePlus offering the same would be a significant leap forward for the OEM, setting OnePlus firmly at the forefront of premium devices.

A Refreshed Design

The sandstone back design of the original OnePlus One was iconic and unique for OnePlus. It was part of why we fell in love with the device and would be nice to see them take the same or similarly-innovative approach with the next device instead of the rather bland but timeless classic look we currently have. The optional lightweight covers for the 3/3T can still add this effect, but we would definitely like to see an expanded catalog of covers available.

We can dream, right?

What would you like to see from the next OnePlus device? Leave a comment below!

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