OnePlus India To Host First Open Sale For OnePlus 2

OnePlus India To Host First Open Sale For OnePlus 2

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OnePlus India has been undertaking various collaborations and partnerships to promote OnePlus and its two smartphones.

The latest promotion comes in the form of OnePlus’ first open sale for the OnePlus 2 through Amazon India and OnePlus itself. The sale is scheduled for October 12th 2015 between 12 noon and 1 pm IST. During this period, customers can, hopefully, log into their Amazon India accounts and purchase the OnePlus 2 without the need of any invites.

Speaking of promotions, OnePlus India’s run started with the partnership with Airtel to offer invites and hands-on experience for the OnePlus 2 through select Airtel consumer stores. The OnePlus 2, along with other 4G LTE devices, were used to push Airtel’s new 4G consumer services. OnePlus also recently partnered with AirAsia India to offer OnePlus 2 invites to flyers, selected through a lucky draw. “Winners” of invite would receive it within their flight, and would also stand a chance to further win a OnePlus 2. Post this collaboration, OnePlus also partnered with Blowhorn to deliver OnePlus One smartphones within 60 minutes or customers get it for free.

OnePlus 2 invites in India, in particular, are not as sparse as one may think. Coupled with the invites sent out via Airtel and the others that were sent out via various events and even competitions held by OnePlus themselves, rollout for the device has been at a decent pace when considering the fact that the OnePlus One did not even reach the country officially in its first few months of launch.

Detaching their infamous marketing campaign (2016 Flagship Killer) away from the actual product, the OnePlus 2 actually makes for a decent purchase for someone wishing to get their first “powerful” smart phone. The OnePlus 2 64GB costs Rs 24,999 ($385), while for comparison, the recently launched Moto X Style will cost a mildly disappointing Rs 29,999 ($460) for the 16GB variant. As an upgrade over the OnePlus One, the price point of the OnePlus 2 is not worth it, but on its own, it does make a decent smartphone for a first time flagship user.

If you’re looking to purchase the OnePlus 2 but have been unlucky with invites so far, the coming Monday may be your best chance at scoring one. Word of advice though, be mentally prepared for the phone to run out of stock.

Edit: The open sale is not limited to India only. Our comments have pointed out that the sale is extended to other timezones and accompanying regions as well, a fact that we missed. You can read all about it here, with the timings being 12:00 to 13:00 HKT for rest of Asia (India excluded), 12:00 to 13:00 CEST for Europe and 12:00-1:00 pm PDT for North America.