OnePlus Launcher prepares to add a “Pure Mode” gesture for hiding desktop objects

OnePlus Launcher prepares to add a “Pure Mode” gesture for hiding desktop objects

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With the last few updates, OnePlus has added several minor tweaks to the stock launcher in OxygenOS. With OnePlus Launcher v4, the company revamped the Recents menu by adding app icons underneath the app previews for easier switching; with version 4.5.2, the changelog hinted at a system-wide search feature called SearchPlus or OnePlus Scout to search apps, contacts, and messages directly from the search bar in the app drawer. In the latest version i.e. v4.5.4, OnePlus Launcher adopted a new swipe down gesture to open Shelf. In the same version, we also spotted references for a seemingly new feature called “Pure mode,” which can be be used to “hide desktop objects.”

As per the strings we found in the teardown of the OnePlus Launcher 4.5.4 beta version, Pure Mode can be activated by putting four fingers on the screen and spreading them outward. Those of you who use iPad OS or macOS might be able to compare this to the “Show Desktop” gesture. As per the following strings for description, the Pure Mode can be reversed by pulling the fingers inwards.

Here’s are the strings associated with Pure Mode we found in the OnePlus Launcher v4.5.4 APK teardown:

<string name="launcher_pure_mode">Pure mode</string>
<string name="launcher_pure_mode_description">Put four fingers on the display and spread them apart to hide desktop objects; Reverse this gesture to resume from Pure mode.</string>
<string name="launcher_pure_mode_dialog_btn_close">Understand</string>
<string name="launcher_pure_mode_dialog_description">Put four fingers on the display and close them up to resume from Pure mode.</string>
<string name="launcher_pure_mode_subtitle">Gesture for hiding desktop objects</string>

Since the feature is already under development, we can’t determine whether “desktop” here refers to the homescreen or has something to do with the desktop mode that is activated when an external display is connected. The gesture isn’t activated currently nor is there any option in the OnePlus Launcher’s settings menu that could hint something related to Pure Mode, leaving us curious.

OnePlus Launcher’s Pure Mode can either be:

  • simple mode with only essential icons like phone, messages, and some messenger – as suggested by the name. This could be part of OnePlus’ digital wellness ventures like the Zen Mode that was launched last year, or
  • the gesture could have some relation with the desktop mode (which currently has to be forced from Developer options) and could be used to hide all the open floating windows to show the desktop – exactly like on macOS.

However, both of the scenarios are speculative and may/may not be what the Pure Mode turns out to be so take them with a pinch of salt. We hope to learn more about the feature with the updates in the near future and will update the article if we find something significant.

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Thanks to XDA Senior Member Some_Random_Username for the tip!