OnePlus launches “IDEAS 2.0” to crowd-source new features for OxygenOS

OnePlus launches “IDEAS 2.0” to crowd-source new features for OxygenOS

After launching its IDEAS program earlier this year, OnePlus has announced it’s ready for round two. The company on Monday unveiled plans for IDEAS 2.0, which will allow community members to submit and vote on new features for OxygenOS.

OnePlus initially launched IDEAS earlier this year, which saw the company take feedback from users between March 5 to April 30. This time, OnePlus is only taking feedback related to software, whereas last time the community could provide feedback for products and software.

IDEAS 2.0 will run from September 28 to November 6, 2020, providing users with plenty of opportunity to share their ideas. The review and selection process will occur every two weeks, and all adopted ideas will be announced by November 16. The top seven ideas in each round will be ranked according to likes, and then OnePlus will review, discuss, and reply to the ideas. “If the top ideas fit our software philosophy, they will be picked for implementation,” OnePlus said. “It’s all up to you: you submit the ideas and you vote to select the best ones.”


One of the top ideas to come out of the first round of IDEAS was Always-on Display (AOD), which has been implemented in OxygenOS 11. The company received over 5,000 submissions last time, and it only began working on five following the conclusion of its IDEAS program, including adding more essential features to Zen mode, folders within the app drawer, and more.

There were many other ideas that didn’t make the cut the first time around, so perhaps they’ll be considered if they get enough votes during IDEAS 2.0. For those who submit an idea that gets adopted, you’ll get a VIP ticket to a OnePlus offline event and a round trip with a one-night accommodation.

If you do want to propose an idea, you can read the program’s rules right here. OnePlus said it’s important that when you do submit an idea, you should also provide reasons as to why it should be considered.

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