[Update: Winner picked] OnePlus launches the OxygenOS Product Manager Challenge

[Update: Winner picked] OnePlus launches the OxygenOS Product Manager Challenge

Update 3/11/19: OnePlus has announced the winner of the OxygenOS Product Manager Challenge (below).

OnePlus is a company that prides itself on its community, and the best way to express that pride and appreciation is through giving back. As a result, the company has launched the OxygenOS Product Manager Challenge. The OxygenOS Product Manager Challenge has a simple premise: you submit an idea to OnePlus of a feature you want in OxygenOS and the best one will be chosen and later implemented.

Have you ever had an idea for a feature that should be implemented in OxygenOS? Not all ideas are easy to implement or logically sound, so the OnePlus Product Manager Challenge will allow you to prove why your idea is possible to implement. OnePlus has created a simplified version of the product pitch process, which their product managers use every day. Your design pitch must account for the following:

  • Who are the users?
  • What is the proposed function?
  • What is the user value?
  • If there are existing comparable functions in the smartphone industry, how is your proposed feature superior?

Not only that, you are expected to explain the logic behind how your feature will work and integrate into the system, along with directions and details supplied via sketches. You should draw each screen and show the flow from screen to screen. OnePlus has a design principles post that can be used as an example of this. It’s a professional design process, just like the product managers at OnePlus use.

Winners will get flown out to their nearest OnePlus VIP launch event along with a free device that they helped to build. The competition is open from today and will run until the 22nd of February, where winners will be chosen by mid-March and their design will begin to be implemented. The winners will be chosen by senior members of the company’s software development team.

Those who want to enter should post their idea submission in the tech section of the OnePlus forums, ensuring that they have #PMChallenge in the title. If you want to enter, be sure to check out the link below for more information.

Update: Winner

The winner of the OxygenOS Product Manager Challenge has been selected. Léandro Tijink created a website to showcase his ideas, which include over 20 interface changes and improvements. He created mock-ups of all these changes and they really look nice. OnePlus says they will work with Tijink to implement some of these ideas, but we don’t really know which ones will find their way to OxygenOS.

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