OnePlus is making new, cheaper smart TVs for India

OnePlus is making new, cheaper smart TVs for India

The OnePlus we’ve known since 2014 began its journey with smartphones, starting off with the OnePlus One and keeping up with their formula until this day with the OnePlus 8 lineup. But down the road, they decided that they didn’t want to be known only as a smartphone company. OnePlus is still far from a household name globally even though their phones sell pretty well in markets such as India, and branching out to other ventures might make global brand recognition an easier target to achieve. This is why they launched the OnePlus TV last year as an exclusive for the Indian market. It was pretty decent for being the company’s first TV, but it leaned towards the more premium side of the spectrum. If you can’t go premium, though, don’t fret: OnePlus is now going to launch new, more affordable TVs.


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OnePlus’ CEO, Pete Lau, took to Twitter to confirm the news himself. He tweeted out a teaser of the device accompanied by a date: July 2nd. This means that we’re still at least a month away from knowing more about the upcoming TV. It doesn’t give us any other hint in this regard, though: only that it will be more affordable.

Other reports help shed a bit more light on this, though: According to Economic Times, OnePlus’ newest TVs could start at just ₹15,000 (~$200) for the cheapest model. The same report also talks about a possible mid-range line with prices ranging from ₹20,000 to ₹40,000—the regular OnePlus TV Q1 started at a hefty ₹70,000 with the Pro model setting you back roughly ₹1,00,000, so these new TVs would be much more affordable.

As for what these TVs will look like, we can only guess that they will probably feature specifications such as lower resolutions—1080p, perhaps (the current OnePlus TVs are 4K). We could also see weaker internals, cheaper display technology, or smaller screen size. We’ll get to know more about them on July 2nd, or maybe earlier if they get leaked.

Source: Economic Times

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