[Update: Likely a special edition Nord 2] OnePlus might launch a Pac-Man-themed device soon

[Update: Likely a special edition Nord 2] OnePlus might launch a Pac-Man-themed device soon

OnePlus recently announced that it had started rolling out OxygenOS A.11 to the OnePlus Nord 2. In a post on the OnePlus Community forums, the company revealed that the update included Android security patches for September 2021, a few performance optimizations, and bug fixes. But that doesn’t seem to be all that’s new in the update.

A teardown of several APKs (via Oxygen Updater) included in the update has revealed new strings that point towards an upcoming Pac-Man-themed device. The company has reportedly added a new lock screen clock theme in the latest OnePlus Launcher release (v5.2.34) with yellow text and the Pac-Man ghost’s eyes.


Pac-Man lock screen drawable OnePlus

On top of that, OnePlus has added a new XML configuration file named default_workspace_5x5_pacman.xml and included the Pac-Man 256 app (package name eu.bandainamcoent.pacman256) to the “OnePlus” folder on the default homescreen.

OnePlus Pac-Man xml

Furthermore, the new Settings APK includes new fingerprint drawables with elements from the iconic retro game and a Pac-Man unlock animation.

The SystemUI APK also includes new strings hinting at a special Pac-Man Always on Display clock and wireless charging support.

<string name="aod_clock_default_style_pc">aod/aod_layout_0090016.xml</string>\n<string name="kgd_wireless_pm_charging_anim_name">pm_charge</string>\n<string name="kgd_wireless_pm_charging_fadein_anim_name">pm_charge_fadein</string>\n<string name="kgd_wireless_pm_charging_fadeout_anim_name">pm_charge_fadeout</string>

The stock OnePlus Gallery app (v4.0.307) includes references to a secret sticker that will be unlocked after your Warp Charge the device for 256 minutes. While OxygenUpdater wasn’t able to find the sticker, we believe it is related to Pac-Man somehow, as it unlocks after charging for “256” minutes.

<string name="pm_btn_gallery">Go to Gallery</string>\n<string name="pm_dialog_text">Use it to edit your photos in Gallery.</string>\n<string name="pm_noti_text">Hooray! You just unlocked a secret sticker by using Warp Charge for 256 minutes.</string>\n<string name="pm_noti_title">Gallery</string>

OxygenUpdater also found new strings in the updated calculator APK (v2.0.16), suggesting that the Pac-Man-themed device will have more content related to the game hidden across the stock apps.

<string name="pacman_permission_text">Oops! Nice try. But there’s still more fun PAC-MAN content waiting to be unlocked. Try again when you find it all.</string>\n<string name="button_ok">OK</string>

Currently, it isn’t clear which upcoming OnePlus device will get the Pac-Man treatment. A new string in the Settings APK suggests that it could feature the Snapdragon 778G SoC, making it a mid-range device in the Nord lineup. But, at the moment, we’re not sure if this is a placeholder or not.

Update: The upcoming Pac-Man-themed device will likely be a special edition Nord 2

Noted leaker Max Jambor has shared a teaser on Twitter suggesting that OnePlus might launch a Pac-Man-themed OnePlus Nord 2.

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