OnePlus Nord Custom Developments include Android 11 ROMs, unofficial LineageOS, Google Camera, and more

OnePlus Nord Custom Developments include Android 11 ROMs, unofficial LineageOS, Google Camera, and more

Our OnePlus Nord forums have been buzzing with activity ever since the device went on sale in August this year. Over the last couple of months, we’ve highlighted some of the major developments, including a guide to root the OnePlus Nord using Magisk, a couple of custom ROMs, and even an unbrick tool to revive a bricked device. Since our previous coverage, developers on our forums have released more custom ROMs, a couple of custom kernels, and a few mods for the device. Here’s a quick look at all the recent custom development for the OnePlus Nord:

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OnePlus Nord Custom ROMs

Android Open Source Project (AOSP)

While OnePlus is yet to release the first stable build of Android 11 to its latest flagships, XDA Senior Member CryllicBuster273 has released the first custom ROM based on Android 11 for the OnePlus Nord. The Android Open Source Project ROM for the device offers a stock Android experience without Google apps, with a couple of non-AOSP features for better user experience. Since it’s the first Android 11-based ROM for the device, we strongly advise you to go through the comments section in the thread linked below before flashing it on your device.

Download Android Open Source Project ROM

Unofficial LineageOS 17.1

XDA Recognized Developer lakshay18 has also brought an unofficial build of LineageOS 17.1 to the OnePlus Nord. To install the ROM, you need to be on the latest OxygenOS and then follow the steps mentioned for a fastboot installation instead of installation through TWRP or a different custom recovery.

Download Unofficial LineageOS 17.1 ROM

crDroid ROM

XDA Recognized Contributor firebird11 has released an official build of the crDroid ROM for the OnePlus Nord, which is designed to offer better performance and reliability over stock Android. The ROM is based on Android 10, and it offers the same look and feel that you’d get with a Google Pixel device.

Download crDroid ROM


PixysOS is another Android 11-based ROM for the OnePlus Nord, which builds upon the AOSP ROM mentioned above. The ROM comes from XDA Senior Member Subinsmani, and it offers a stock Android experience with a host of additional features.

Download PixysOS

Pixel Experience ROM

Along with the AOSP ROM, XDA Senior Member CryllicBuster273 has released an official build of the Pixel Experience ROM (Android 10) for the OnePlus Nord. As its name suggests, the ROM offers a Google Pixel-like experience for your device, including the launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, and boot animation.

Download Pixel Experience ROM


XDA Senior Member pranavasri has also released an Android 10-based custom ROM for the OnePlus Nord called StagOS. Much like other custom ROMs on this list, StagOS offers a near-stock Android experience for the OnePlus Nord with a bunch of additional features.

Download StagOS

OnePlus Nord Custom Kernels


XDA Recognized Developer flar2 has released the ElementalX custom kernel for the OnePlus Nord, which promises maximum stability for people who wish to use their device as a daily driver. The kernel brings several improvements for the device, including optimizations for performance and battery life, advanced color controls, wake gestures, and more.

Download ElementalX kernel


XDA Senior Member CryllicBuster273 makes yet another appearance on this list with the StormBreaker kernel for the OnePlus Nord. StormBreaker is a minimal, simpler, and clean kernel for the device that promises a balance between great performance and good battery life. Follow the link below to try it out on your device.

Download StormBreaker kernel

Custom Recovery

Unofficial TWRP

XDA Recognized Developer mauronofrio has released an unofficial build of the TWRP custom recovery (v3.4.0-0) for the OnePlus Nord. You can download and flash the custom recovery on your device by following the instruction in the XDA forums thread linked below, after which you’ll be able to flash a custom ROM on the device.

Download Unofficial TWRP 


How to Root the OnePlus Nord

XDA Senior Member Some_Ramdom_Username has put together a simple step-by-step guide to help users root their OnePlus Nord using XDA Senior Recognized Developer topjohnwu’s Magisk. Follow the instructions in the post linked below to get started.

Root the OnePlus Nord using Magisk

OxygenOS Repo

XDA Senior Member Some_Random_Username has also compiled a repository of all OxygenOS ROMs and OTA update ZIPs for the OnePlus Nord. If you’re done trying out custom ROMs on your device and wish to go back to OxygenOS, you can find flashable ZIPs of the latest build in the link below.

OxygenOS Build Repository

OnePlus Nord Mods

Google Camera mod

Fans of the Google Camera mod will be glad to know that a port is now available for the OnePlus Nord. The port, which is based on Google Camera v7.3.018, reportedly works quite well with little to no issues. As per the forum post (linked below), you’ll be able to enjoy all Google Camera features on your device using this port. However, you might encounter some issues while recording videos and switching between cameras.

Download Google Camera mod


aodNotify is a handy app from XDA Senior Member Jawomo that alerts you of incoming messages using the Always-on Display feature. The app was originally developed for Samsung Galaxy devices, but Jawomo has now released a version for OnePlus devices. The app works with the OnePlus Nord, and it lets you easily add a visual notification alert to the device.

Download aodNotify

Arc Lighting

The Arc Lighting app from XDA Senior Member zzcool adds a notification ring light around the hole-punch cutout on the OnePlus Nord. The app packs in a ton of customization options, and much like aodNotify, it can also make use of the Always-on Display feature to help you set up a notification alert.

Download Arc Lighting

Speaker boost/DualSpeaker mod

The Speaker boost and DualSpeaker mods from XDA Recognized Contributor acervenky will help you boost the speaker and headphone audio output of your OnePlus Nord. However, the mod requires root access with Magisk, so you’ll need to follow the guide mentioned above to use this mod.

Download Speaker boost/DualSpeaker mod

Unbrick tool

Along with the root guide and OxygenOS repository, XDA Senior Member Some_Random_Username has released an unbrick tool for the OnePlus Nord that you can use to revive your bricked device. You can also use the tool to roll back to a previous version of OxygenOS.

Download Unbrick tool

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