The OnePlus Nord N100 actually does have a 90Hz display

The OnePlus Nord N100 actually does have a 90Hz display

When the OnePlus Nord N100 was announced, one of the key specs that stood out was its 60Hz display . That isn’t necessarily bad for such an affordable device, but many pointed out that just months before, OnePlus promised every new phone it released would include a “Fluid Display,” or a display with a 90Hz refresh rate.

Turns out, the OnePlus Nord N100 actually does have a 90Hz display — it just needs to be turned on in settings. OnePlus confirmed the news to Android Authority, saying the Nord N100 is equipped with a 90Hz display, but actual refresh rate depends on settings, applications used, and processing limitations.


OnePlus didn’t say why it initially revealed the Nord N100 came with a 60Hz display. Android Authority speculates that due to the device’s weaker specs, it’s unable to provide users with a consistent experience across all apps. So, rather than promote the device as having a Fluid Display and risk tarnishing the brand, OnePlus instead played it safe and simply said the device features a 60Hz display.

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With a starting price of £179, the Nord N100 still offers a lot, including a Snapdragon 460 processor, triple camera setup and 5000mAh battery. Most buyers would’ve likely been fine with a 60Hz display. But now it’s confirmed you have the option to switch to 90Hz, although the experience might not be up to the same standards you’d find on a device like the OnePlus Nord.

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Beyond the screen, the Nord N100 has been the center of attention thanks to concerns about its longevity. While the device launches with Oxygen 10.5 out of the box, OnePlus said it’ll only receive one major Android update, along with a total of two years of security updates.

The Nord N100 is available in Europe and is set to launch at a later date in the U.S., although no pricing details have been revealed.

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