OnePlus Releases Early CyanogenMod-Free Lollipop For the One

OnePlus Releases Early CyanogenMod-Free Lollipop For the One

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In the last few weeks, we’ve read quite a bit regarding the issues surrounding OnePlus, Micromax, and Cyanogen Inc. The drama between these three companies is full of unexpected twists, accusations and court trials. While we wait the conclusion of this soap-opera, OnePlus decided to start the new year in a very sweet way.

We recently talked about how OnePlus has been working on delivering a CyanogenMod-free firmware that will one day become the default firmware in future updates and devices. OnePlus engineers have had a busy holiday break, and they’ve managed to release an alpha version of Lollipop for their flagship OnePlus One. The alpha version is still far from release candidate status, but it’s a good base for future releases.

At this point, it is essentially a stock AOSP ROM with next to no OEM additions. However, due to the early status, some things may not quite work expected. For example, camera and video recording may be unstable, and capacitive keys do not turn off when software keys are enabled. Some apps are still crashing, but this should be fixed in the near future.

OnePlus recommends that you use TWRP to flash this update. The archive does not contain Google apps, so if you’re planning to use Google’s services, you need to download one of the available packages. After flashing, a factory reset is required.

To get the update, make your way to the OnePlus alpha Lollipop thread for additional info.