Customize the Info Panel of the OnePlus One Lock Screen

Customize the Info Panel of the OnePlus One Lock Screen

The lock screen of the OnePlus One is quite the pleasant thing to look at. It’s minimalistic and simple, yet different from what we’ve all perhaps gotten used to over the years. But by default, the customization options are quite limited, particularly in regards to the solid-colored panel that takes up the bottom half of the screen. Yes, you can say that a third party lock screen will fix this little issue, but if you’re looking for some more freedom with the original lock screen, you may want to check out Recognized Developer NunHugger’s mod.

NunHugger’s mod essentially allows you change the color of the OnePlus One lock screen panel or replace it with an image or a gradient. The mod comes in a variety of options pre-made by NunHugger ranging from solid colors such as black, red and orange, to brushed metal and various wood textures. Furthermore, NunHugger has also written a brief tutorial teaching you how you can include your own colors and images to the lock screen panel mod, with NunHugger planning on writing a more comprehensive tutorial in the future.

So if you’re an owner of the OnePlus One and feeling like the lock screen might need a little spicing up, check out the lock screen panel mod thread for more information.

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