OnePlus Switch Makes Migrating to a OnePlus Device Super Simple

OnePlus Switch Makes Migrating to a OnePlus Device Super Simple

Generally speaking, OEMs want to make transferring data from old devices quick and easy. To that end, OnePlus announced a new data migration application this week called OnePlus Switch.

OnePlus says the application simplifies the process of transferring files to a new OnePlus device. Setting it up is as simple as installing it on your old phone and new phone and scanning the auto-generated QR code, which pairs them. You’ll be immediately greeted by a list of items that you can transfer, including contacts, messages, call logs, photos, videos, audio, and applications.

OnePlus Switch is a bit bare bones right now, but the team says that it’ll add support for Wi-Fi history, camera settings, app data, and other types of data transfer in the coming months. Future versions will also gain support for more devices, including iOS.

OnePlus Switch is a welcome addition to OnePlus’s software portfolio, but it certainly isn’t first to the mobile data migration party. Apple announced Move to iOS, an application that that helps Android users transition to iOS devices, a few years ago. And Samsung recently revamped Samsung Smart Switch, its data transfer app, with data migration features for iOS, BlackBerry OS, and Windows Mobile devices.

OnePlus Switch is available on the Play Store, and it’s compatible with devices running Android 6.0 and higher.

OnePlus Switch
OnePlus Switch
Developer: OnePlus Ltd.
Price: Free

Source: OnePlus

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