OnePlus Hosts the Open Ears Forum in London, Reveals Plans for 2017 and 2018

OnePlus Hosts the Open Ears Forum in London, Reveals Plans for 2017 and 2018

Back in August, we reported on OnePlus announcing its Open Ears Forum to be held in London. The idea was to gain feedback on the support system of the company from users of the company’s devices and to see how they can improve and grow as a company in western markets. OnePlus revealed a lot of information about the future plans of the company for the years of 2017 and 2018.

2017 for OnePlus

First and foremost, OnePlus are aiming to open one or two repair centers in Europe before the end of the year. This should improve turnaround times for device repairs and should allow a greater capability for OnePlus to connect with its European customers. Not only that, OnePlus aims to improve its relationship with consumers through twice-yearly proximity events, where they meet customers in the same manner as the Open Ears Forum and listen to suggestions and feedback.

They also wish to release a data backup application, so that users can back up their general data easily. It is unclear whether this applies to user data in the internal storage or application data. Both are appreciated either way.

A FAQ will also be introduced on the website so that customers can find a lot of information easily through the website. The current FAQ on the website remains extremely lackluster.

2018 for OnePlus

Beginning of 2018

They have also split up their ambitions into two halves of the year, one being the start of 2018 and the other being the rest of 2018. For the start of 2018, OnePlus wish to release video guides for users to follow and learn how to use their devices (they’ve somewhat experimented with this on their YouTube channel). The company also wishes to develop a diagnostics application so that customers can better report technical problems to customer support. Finally, they also wish to improve upon how they deal with customers with technical issues and create a better support service for all customers.

During 2018

OnePlus wish to allow the customer to work with the same customer support representative throughout the duration of an issue, even if it is initially unresolved. This allows a customer to feel both connected to the support representative and also to have a sense of clarity when discussing the issue. This means the customer is less likely to become frustrated or angry if the customer support representative remains the same, as it will not require an additional explanation on the customer’s part.

They also wish to unify their platforms to provide greater assistance and offer insurance even to devices purchased through non-OnePlus sources.

It’s great to see OnePlus being committed to providing a better customer support experience. Many who have gone through the system would deem it a poor experience or at the very least a neutral one. There’s always room for improvement, and it’s great to see OnePlus taking that opportunity.


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