OnePlus announces new Optimized Charging feature to save battery health

OnePlus announces new Optimized Charging feature to save battery health

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OnePlus Warp Charge, the fast wired charging technology found in the OnePlus 7 and 7T series,  is derived from OPPO’s SuperVOOC charging technology. Unlike USB Power Delivery, Qualcomm Quick Charge, and other fast wired charging technologies that primarily modulate the voltage, Warp Charge modulates the current of the charger. This allows OnePlus to provide fast charging speeds while limiting overheating of the smartphone. The issue with this implementation is that the charging brick needs to be quite thick as does the charging cable. However, another concern, one that affects all smartphones with LiPo batteries, is the degradation of battery capacity over time. To that end, OnePlus is launching a new feature to help improve battery longevity.

“Optimized Charging,” as OnePlus calls it, has already been available since the OxygenOS Open Beta 7 on the OnePlus 7 series, and it’s made for overnight charging. With the feature enabled, your phone will charge up to 80% before temporarily stopping. Then, it will take information from your alarms or your calendar (your next alarm or the first event in your calendar) to continue charging 100 minutes before the event so your phone is topped up by the time you wake up. Over time, the feature will also be able to learn your usual wake-up time, so your phone will be ready right before you take it off the charger.

This feature might seem slightly unnecessary at first glance. After all, the battery already charges incredibly quickly, so there’s not even a need for overnight charging. However, some people keep their phone connected during the night, which can take a toll on the longevity of your smartphone’s battery. OnePlus hopes that this feature will mitigate this degradation by reducing heat on the battery in the long term. This feature is now available for OnePlus 7 series users currently enrolled in the OxygenOS Open Beta, and it is expected to roll out to other OnePlus devices soon.

Source: OnePlus