OnePlus Releases the Device Trees and Kernel Sources for the OnePlus 5

OnePlus Releases the Device Trees and Kernel Sources for the OnePlus 5

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After weeks of rumors surrounding the launch of the OnePlus 5, the wait is finally over. We know the hardware specification, the pricing, and the overall user experience. Alongside the release, OnePlus decided to publish the kernel source and device trees required to build custom ROMs for its latest flagship.

Adam Krisko, Beta PM and Dev Relations at OnePlus, published a blog post in which he expressed his appreciation to all developers working on custom ROMs for the OnePlus 3(T). The company uploaded the sources to GitHub and while the commit history is present, the changes are squashed into one patch. It’s not perfect but we can live with that. Some companies like HTC release a tarball without any commit history and while the GPLv2 compliance is upheld, developers have major difficulties with fixing some bugs.

In the past, OnePlus had problems with keeping the GPL-mandatory kernel sources up-to-date. In result, we called the company out to publish the updated source. Hopefully, the Chinese OEM will do better this time when the Android O is out. Releasing the kernel source in the day when the device is out is an excellent start.

From developer’s perspective, having a kernel source is mandatory to create a stable custom ROM. This is a great start and we should expect many custom ROMs, kernels and recoveries for the OnePlus 5 in the next few weeks continuing the OnePlus legacy. The device will be publicly available starting on June 27.

If you want to take a look at the sources and hopefully create your own project, feel free to visit the GitHub page. You can also check out the XDA forum for the OnePlus 5, which we created a few days ago.

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