OnePlus Starts A Referral Program, Offers Cheaper Accessories

OnePlus Starts A Referral Program, Offers Cheaper Accessories

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Just yesterday we informed you about OnePlus selling the remaining stock of the OnePlus 3T, effectively discontinuing the device. The recent moves by OnePlus may suggest that the anticipated premiere of the OnePlus 5 is coming very soon. To complement that, the company is starting a referral program for its users, bringing some goodies to the current and future OnePlus device owners.

These kinds of systems aren’t totally new to OnePlus. The Chinese OEM used a dreaded invite system to sell the OnePlus One and OnePlus 2. Those attempts didn’t go well, as users didn’t have a chance to get these phones on time. Still, that was a valuable experience for the company (if only because their first device was just too desirable), as OnePlus managed to prove its position in the smartphone market. Now, we expect a fourth flagship from OnePlus coming this summer, possibly within a month.

The newly introduced referral system is different from the invite system, luckily. Anyone who has ever bought a OnePlus device via the official website can get a unique referral code. If it’s used to get a OnePlus 5 (or any other smartphone made by OnePlus), the buyer will get a $20 (or equivalent in the local currency) discount for accessories. The person who shared the code will receive 100 referral points no more than 30 days later. Collected points can be spent on standard shipping, accessories or the Never Settle T-Shirt. OnePlus promised to expand the referral hub with new stuff, including price discounts on phones. The referral program is located here.

The introduction of the referral program is an interesting move. New users could get some nice accessories the for the lower price. Finally, current OnePlus customers will get something for free. All we need to do is wait for the OnePlus 5 launch.

Source: OnePlus