OnePlus Student Program Offers 10% Off Orders, Including the OnePlus 5

OnePlus Student Program Offers 10% Off Orders, Including the OnePlus 5

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A lot of companies offer discounts on their products and services for anyone who is currently a student. This can be 50% off the price of an Amazon Prime membership, free access to Office 365 from Microsoft, and a ton of other discounts. OnePlus has just announced their OnePlus Student Program where they will begin offering a 10% off coupon for anyone who is a student in select countries around the world. Other than location, the only limitation here is that you must have a Student Beans account for verification.

As mentioned, there are some limitations here so let’s talk about those first. This offer is only valid for students who live in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, United States, and Canada. Along with that, you also must have an account with Student Beans, but you can register an account as long as you have a valid .EDU email address.

Now, the student program from OnePlus doesn’t give you 10% off any and all orders, as this is limited too. For instance, you’re only allowed to get 10% off your order from getting a coupon code from the company’s Student Program landing page. Also, they’re only giving students a 10% off coupon code once per year. Lastly, you can not purchase more than one OnePlus 5 using a 10% off coupon as it becomes invalid if you have more than one in your cart during checkout.

So, to qualify for this coupon code you need to visit the OnePlus Student Program landing page here. This will allow you to log into your Student Beans account for verification, and then you can request a coupon code. Once initiated, this coupon code will be valid for one month so be sure to place your order shortly after receiving it.

Source: OnePlus