OnePlus Switch updated to support switching from an iPhone

OnePlus Switch updated to support switching from an iPhone

Switching from iOS to Android has been very hard to do for a long time. Apple really limits what you can do when switching to Android. There are some services from companies like Samsung and Google which transfer your messages, contacts, pictures, call logs, and even some apps. OnePlus has updated OnePlus Switch, which is their own switching service. It now allows users to switch from iOS to Android simply by installing an app and connecting to a hotspot. It is limited to contacts, messages, pictures, and videos.

To use OnePlus Switch, you just need to go to the download link provided by OnePlus. This app is not hosted on the Apple App Store because Apple doesn’t approve apps that allow for switching between devices. To install it, you will need to follow the prompts on the website. After it is installed, you will need to go to General > Device Management and trust the profile that was installed. Once you do this, just open the app on both your OnePlus phone and iPhone. The OnePlus phone will show a password and SSID for a hotspot the device will broadcast. On the iPhone, just connect to the hotspot made by the OnePlus phone. Once they connect, just click what you will want transferred from your iPhone to your OnePlus phone. This will start the transfer and copy over everything it can get.

Apple has a very closed platform. Some other programs are able to get more data because of the way they copy files. The reason that OnePlus can’t put the app on the Apple App Store is because Apple likes to be very closed source and only allow apps within their very specific terms. Transferring files off the iOS platform is one of those things that break the rules Apple sets for their platform.

This app is something that will really help OnePlus. OnePlus is coming into the US strong with their new T-Mobile partnership. In the United States, there are a lot of iOS users. These users are generally stuck to iOS for two reasons. The first is iMessage, which is something RCS messaging (which T-Mobile has started to roll out) hopes to fix. The second is the fear of losing precious data while switching between devices. This app hopes to help with that fear by transferring the data for you.

Source: OnePlus

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