OnePlus Switch now supports backing up app data, downloads, and office files

OnePlus Switch now supports backing up app data, downloads, and office files

The OnePlus Switch application is an app released by the company themselves to facilitate switching from another Android device or an iPhone to your new OnePlus smartphone. It launched earlier this year and has been continuously updated since then with bug fixes, new features, and improvements. Another update has been released, and this is a big one. It now supports backing up your application data, your downloads, and your office files so that they can be transferred to your new device with ease. Note that the OnePlus Switch application is preinstalled on their devices as a system application, so it’s likely app data backup only works on OnePlus phones.

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The OnePlus Switch application is a great way of switching over to your new OnePlus device. It could already transfer your contacts, messages, call logs, photos, videos, audio, and applications. There was not a huge amount that it could do after that, and with this update, it doesn’t seem as if there’s anything else left over. It really can transfer just about everything you need. In the future, the company aims to support other platforms too, namely iOS. The team behind the application also said that they planned for Wi-Fi history and camera settings to be transferable too.

Aside from that, there are a number of other improvements. It’s great to see that OnePlus finally fixed the “transfer data repeat” error. You can also join the system stability improvement program if you want, though it’s not really clear what that’s for. It’s assumedly for providing OnePlus with data and logs whenever an error occurs, but it’s not really clear. Finally, the UI has also been optimized for a better user experience.

If you haven’t gotten the update from the Google Play Store yet, you can download the latest version from APKMirror. With the recent OnePlus 6 launch, it’s great that the OnePlus Switch application is being continuously updated for those who may still be waiting on their devices to arrive.

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