OnePlus opens a Labs program for the OnePlus 7 Pro to let users apply to review the phone early

OnePlus opens a Labs program for the OnePlus 7 Pro to let users apply to review the phone early

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Following the recent news that OnePlus will be having its OnePlus 7 launch event on May 14, OnePlus has also announced that it will continue The Lab program for the OnePlus 7. The Lab is a OnePlus tradition whereby the company invites a select few consumers to preview a device before its release. The chosen few are sent the phone free of charge and work closely with OnePlus to provide feedback. And yes, it will be the Pro version of the OnePlus 7.

Applications are now open over on OnePlus’ website, where you are asked to provide an example of your best (smartphone) photography, as well as write a brief review of your current daily driver. The idea is that OnePlus is looking for unbiased and fair feedback on the OnePlus 7, so they judge if someone would be a fair reviewer based on their brief review. Indeed, in their guidelines for entries, they specifically say that reviewers will be asked to elaborate on one upside and one downside that they mention in the review of their daily driver.

OnePlus 7 Pro XDA Forum

The decision on who gets the devices is made internally at OnePlus. There’s good news if you’re a user of the OnePlus forums: at least 8 out of the 15 devices available will be given to forum users. The winners will be announced on May 9th, a few days before the official launch event. After a month of using the phone, winners will be asked to attend an AMA where they will presumably be quizzed on their experience with it.

It’s great to see OnePlus continuing its old traditions even as the company continues to grow. The company earned itself a reputation as being community-oriented when it was smaller, and it’s good to see that it’s continuing that philosophy, despite being one of the bigger players in the market these days.

Source: The Lab