OnePlus to open a physical store in Paris near the OnePlus 6T launch

OnePlus to open a physical store in Paris near the OnePlus 6T launch

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OnePlus appears to be moving up in the world. With a potential launch in the US right around the corner and ever-increasing sales, the company is on an upward trajectory. Things are about to get even better for them too. In an interview with Carl Pei, the company’s Director, he revealed to French news site LesEchos that the Shenzhen-based company intends to open a physical store in Paris around the time of the OnePlus 6T’s launch. With their growth primarily being through word of mouth and unique online advertising, it’s about time they opened up a brick-and-mortar store.

This marks the company’s first step into the opening of physical stores in Europe, though it’s not the first time they’ve sold phones physically in Paris. The OnePlus 3T Colette Edition was sold in Paris, along with the OnePlus 5 JCC Edition too. They are absolutely no stranger to the French market, and it may make sense to launch their first store there given that they have already shown a considerable amount of presence in the country. Whether it will be successful or not remains to be seen, though it’s clear that OnePlus expects to be successful considering the potentially large amount of investment required.

If successful, we wonder if it’s possible that the company may wish to expand to other European countries too. With a US launch possibly coming through T-Mobile, it’s clear that OnePlus wishes to expand their outreach as far as possible. The European market is huge and may enable OnePlus to sell more phones than ever before. Success in France means that they could then try to find success in other European countries such as Spain or Germany. Xiaomi is already looking to take over Europe with the Pocophone and their partnership with Three, so anything is possible. We’ll be keeping a close eye on how exactly this comes to fruition and if we’ll soon see the expansion of OnePlus outside of their digital domain.

Source: LesEchos Via: GSMArena