OnePlus to trademark “Warp Charge” as possible rebrand of “Dash Charge”

OnePlus to trademark “Warp Charge” as possible rebrand of “Dash Charge”

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At the launch of the OnePlus 6, OnePlus curiously and cautiously had stayed away from using the word “Dash Charge” to address its unique fast charging implementation. The OxygenOS Open Betas around that time also had replaced the term “Dash Charge” with “charging rapidly”, and online stores in several regions started calling Dash Charge cables as fast charge cables.

It was later found that OnePlus had begun phasing out the term “Dash Charge” because of a rejected trademark application in the EU. OnePlus’s “Dash Charge” was adjudged to be similar to Bragi’s “The Dash Pro” and Amazon’s “Dash Replenishment”, and as a result of these existing trademarks, OnePlus could not own the “Dash Charge” trademark in the EU.

The alternative at that stage for OnePlus was to simply rebrand its fast charging implementation to something more unique. Recent trademark filing in the EU indicates that OnePlus has settled on “Warp Charge” as the probable rebrand.

The application for “Warp Charge” was made at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), and falls in the Nice class of 9. The Nice Classification system gives general information about the type of goods or services intended to be covered under the trademark. Nice Class 9 covers “apparatus, instruments and cables for electricity“; and OnePlus’s application is intended for representation related to “Data cables; power adapters; cell phone battery chargers; electrical adapters; batteries, electric; chargers for electric batteries; wireless chargers“. Curiously, OnePlus does not currently sell any wireless chargers, even though their trademark application makes a provision for its use on them, perhaps in anticipation for a future device.

The application for Warp Charge trademark is marked as “under examination” by the authorities. OnePlus will get brand name protection only when their trademark is accepted, so we can expect an official announcement and subsequent usage when they do get regulatory approval.

Source: EUIPO Story Via: Mobielkopen