OnePlus truly wireless earbuds may launch in July with AirPods-like design

OnePlus truly wireless earbuds may launch in July with AirPods-like design

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The relatively new category of “truly wireless” earbuds has really exploded over the last few years. Kickstarted by devices removing headphone jacks and Apple’s ultra-popular AirPods, almost every smartphone OEM and accessory maker has their own pair. OnePlus is no stranger to wireless earbuds, but now it looks like they’re fully removing all wires.

OnePlus has released a couple of versions of its Bullets Wireless earphones. All three generations have been the same design: earbuds connected with a wire that drapes behind your neck. They’re “wireless” in the sense that nothing is physically connected to your phone. While there are some benefits to that design, they’re generally more cumbersome to store and there’s no charging case.

Now, according to Max J on Twitter, OnePlus is set to announce its first pair of truly wireless earbuds in July. He also shared a flat rendering of the earbuds, which he says are based on the “actual design.” Like we’ve seen with many TWS earbuds on the market, they closely resemble the original AirPods. They feature an open design without rubber tips and a “stem” that hangs out of the ear.

In an earlier tweet, Max posted an image depicting earbuds charging cases as well. It’s not clear if these are based on actual designs, though. Max says this information comes for a new but “seemingly reliable source,” so we have to take this with a pinch of salt. It certainly wouldn’t be surprising to see OnePlus release its own truly wireless earbuds. We would expect a name like “Bullets Truly Wireless” or something to that effect.