OnePlus TV update adds support for OnePlus Connect on iOS, Data Saver Plus, and Kids Mode

OnePlus TV update adds support for OnePlus Connect on iOS, Data Saver Plus, and Kids Mode

OnePlus entered the smart TV segment in India last year with the launch of two 4K QLED TVs. The premium Q Series TVs (review) were launched at a starting price of ₹70,000 (~$990 at the time) and were heavily criticized for their exorbitant pricing. In response, OnePlus recently launched two new affordable smart TV series in the Indian market, starting at just ₹12,999 (~$175). Out of the two, the new OnePlus U Series TVs are not only more affordable but also come with a couple of new software features that were developed based on feedback the company received on its debut TV series. These include things like a Data Saver Plus mode for low bandwidth networks, a Kids Mode, and support for OnePlus Connect on iOS. As promised during the launch event, OnePlus is now bringing these new features to its Q series TVs via an OTA update.


As per a recent post on the OnePlus Community forums, the latest OnePlus TV update brings OnePlus Connect support for iOS devices, add the new Data Saver Plus mode to the Q Series TVs, includes the new Kids Mode, and more. Here’s the complete changelog for the latest OnePlus TV update (v. BOVC101RIN04S01090V1.12.1T2006210016):

  • OnePlus Connect support for iOS devices.
  • Data Saver Plus: An enhanced version of the Data Saver feature, this will help keep a check on data usage through bandwidth control. This will also enable data usage alerts and will monitor monthly usage.
  • Kids Mode: With this we introduced parental control on apps, limited watch times, and an eye protection function to provide a more kids-friendly experience on the OnePlus TV.
  • OxygenPlay: You can now long press any poster in the OxygenPlay homepage to see a pop-up window with information; enhanced UI.

The changelog mentioned above is for the OTA update being rolled out to the OnePlus TV Q Series and the OnePlus TV 55U1. The update includes even more exclusive changes for the Q Series TVs, including:

  • Data Saver Plus feature added in Settings > Network & Internet. Helpful to monitor data, control bandwidth and have alerts for data usage.
  • Modified Audio Output Settings Page – Now you have more options to select as per the sound output you are using.
  • 2 New Added Picture modes
    • AI PQ mode automatically adjusts the picture setting, so except for Backlight control, everything else is Auto controlled.
    • Eyes Protection Mode – Has a low Backlight value set with some tuning done by the team w.r.t gamma, sharpness and color for a lesser strain on the eyes.
  • Modified Log/Feedback Section – The log upload is now renamed as “Bug Report: and you can find this at Settings > More Settings > Bug Report. It has options to select the reason for uploading log and gives the device info.
  • Improved OxygenPlay Experience
    • More content partners added and now you can long-press any image for reading some info about the title before watching it.
    • Modified Watch History interface.
    • Removed App drawer for a more media-centric experience.
    • Upcoming tab added for setting reminders for to be released content.
  • Kids Mode – A separate profile can be created for kids with a selection of Apps to be displayed, timer and security pin.
  • Prime Video app now stays in memory when you click home.
  • TV Shared Album – If you have OnePlus 7/7Pro, you can sync your photos and videos to cloud and view them directly on TV.
  • iOS Connect App support.
  • Improved Video Player
    • While playing any video in the Default Video Player, clicking down button will show the other videos in the folder as a playlist.
    • The videos resume from previous time stamp and if you want to play from the beginning, click OK.
    • The Subtitles selection now shows language of the subs available.
    • Improved performance in the playback of mkv and mp4 HDR files.
  • Format Storage option is back. Now you can expand the storage with external USB/HDD.

As with all previous OnePlus TV update, the latest OTA is being rolled out in an incremental fashion and will only reach a handful of users initially. Once the company confirms that there are no major bugs in the release, it will be rolled out to the remaining users. It’s also worth noting that these features are not being released for the entry-level OnePlus TV Y Series.

Source: OnePlus Community forums

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